The Competitive Log-in Scam 2023 – Lazy Scambot Edition

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About three weeks have passed since the first scambot added me, ran down his script and linked me that Youtube video.

As usual I followed the trail and found a generic fake competitive Team Fortress 2 website meant to steal your Steam account login details.

Like always it had a window in window mock up popup of a Steam Login page thats made with Javascript.
This is used to steal account names and passwords from unsuspecting users tricked into signing into the website by promises of quick money/items.

I went through the proper tools to report this to Steam and Youtube but neither of them cares enough to take any form of action.
Youtube especially disappointed me by not doing anything about the obviously botted video and its description containing a phishing website.

Even after three weeks and three separate reports, one each time a new scambot added me, Youtube has taken no steps against this scam. — Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/volva

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