This FCRA Credit Bureau Violation is GOLD #creditsweep

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This fcra violation virtually guarantees deletions from your credit report if you can find it! One of the most impactful and hurtful violations is when your account is illegally re-aged on the date last paid. Learn how to do it yourself at https://sendmeto.co/courses. If you need a credit sweep head to https://my740.com and I will see if I can help.

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We are going over fcra 623(a)(3) violations using the debt validation (validation of dispute) dispute letter method to the credit bureaus. You would use this in conjunction with the debt validation to the data furnishers.

If you are wondering how to remove charge offs from a credit report, or how to remove closed accounts from a credit report, here’s the answer! This can also be used to remove bankruptcy from a credit report early and even to remove an inquiry.

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