Beepxtra Review. Is it a scam? Free Beepxtra Report!

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Is BEEPXTRA legal and will Beep Xtra make you money?
Can we trust BEEPXTRA?
You are probably here to find out more about the new system BEEPXTRA.
I URGE you to read this review BEFORE you make up your mind whether you want to try the new system to make (or save for that matter) money that is called beepxtra or beep xtra.
I write in-depth reviews about new money making systems, multilevel marketing companies and affiliate programs on my reviewsite, to help you make a well measured decision, before diving in the deep.
In this review I will document independently and without prejudice what I found out about beep xtra. But before I will give my verdict, I will state some facts. Please take your time to read it profoundly.
What is Beepxtra?
Beep xtra is a new discount card system for consumers. But this is a discount card ready to enter the 21st century. This card is worldwide and the better thing about it is, the fact that the owner don’t only receives discounts over its own purchases but also over the purchases from others and even over sales made by shops in its network.
Beepxtra for individuals
This system is working for individuals who want to save some money on their purchases but also for those who actively want to build their network of consumers and shops to actually receive residual income on top of their discounts.
These are the people who use their beepxtra card to save on their normal shopping’s when they do their purchases in one of the affiliated shops. Those shops will offer a special discount to the beep xtra cardholder. Millions of locations are opened around the world where you can claim your discounts. From barbershops to shoe shops, from beauty salons to car rentals, from the butcher around the corner to your favorite restaurant, from your local tennis club to big online webshops. And millions more will follow! With every purchase made you will receive a discount.
Active members
Active members don’t only save money by receiving discounts on their purchases as explained above, they decided to actually make money with the system. By actively connecting shops and new cardholders, they receive a percentage of all the sales made by them! So by handing out free discount cards to your friends and family, you can offer them nice discounts and you receive a piece of the pie when they use the card. And by connecting new shops to the world wide beepxtra network you will receive a percentage of their sales! All paid to your bank account on a regular basis.
Beepxtra for shops
Now what is there in it for the shops who accept the can I hear you think…
In these times, shop owners need to go the extra mile to make a living. Being part of a network like beep xtra, they will be able to save a big chunk out of their marketing budget. Simply because new customers, belonging to the network, will deliberately search for shops affiliated to the network. Next to that by handing out the discount card themselves as well to their existing customers, they will earn an extra income through commissions made over sales in other shops.
The third and very powerful advantage is that they can reach their excisting and new customers, belonging to the network, trough video mail when they want to promote something new.
A new marketing funnel is opened for them. A very powerful and viral one!
Beepxtra Card
The beepxtra card is like a normal discount card with super power! You probably know those normal discount cards….You probably have several. For every shop a distinct one. That´s the power of the beep xtra card. You only need one card for millions of shops in the world.
Every time you purchase something, the money you save from the discount goes on your card. This money you can use to buy other things. So imagine, every time you do your normal shopping’s throughout the week, you save money on your card. By the end of the week, you can invite someone to dinner and pay with your card!
And the best thing about it…IT´S TOTALLY FREE!
No one time entrance fee, no monthly membership…FREE!

Happy shopping!

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