Instagram Ambassador Programs: Daniel Philip Watch | Legit or Scam | Series

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Hello Everyone!
Today’s video is apart of a 5 part series where I look at Instagram Companies that offer “ambassador” or “Collabs”. I make the purchase so you don’t have to risk it before you know if it’s legit or a scam.

Here are some links to information on this brand/founder:
Instagram- Watch Company: https://instagram.com/danielphilipwatch?igshid=sosefzl6uch4
Instagram- Daniel Philip: https://instagram.com/its.danielphilip?igshid=mexy4n4ccxbe
Website: https://danielphilipwatch.com/
Website about previous company mentioned: https://www.upwork.com/o/companies/~012831c505f4a88208/

This is the affiliate code I was given, feel free to use it, I am in no way pushing anyone to use this:
This is a referral link the company also provided me:

Instagram: @shondraheadley https://www.instagram.com/shondraheadley/?hl=en
Twitter: @shondraheadley5
Facebook: @shondraheadley5 (Shondra)

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