The Boy In The Dishwasher

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In 2000, the father of Christopher Morris returned to his home to find the lifeless body of his son in the dishwasher. In a gruesome attempt to obliterate the evidence, he had been subjected to a washing cycle. Shockingly, the digital footprint for this unsolved crime is minimal, hidden in bizarre corners of the old Internet. His case remains a tragic and bizarre Internet mystery.

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Christopher Morris was born in 1989 in Del Rio, Texas. His parents divorced when he was younger, and he was living with his father and stepmother on Sheppard Air Force Base in Wichita Falls, Texas. On September 25, 2000, his school was out of session, and he wanted to spend time with his mother, who refused. Morris stayed home, eating lunch with his father. That evening, Carl Morris returned home to find dishwasher racks had been placed on the floor and bed.

Sensing something was wrong, he checked the appliance to find the lifeless body of his unclothed son. The perpetrator was never identified, and the case remains unsolved. Morris was laid to rest in Oak Hill Memorial Park in McAlester, Oklahoma, three hours away.

Due to the horrific nature of the crime, it was widely publicized at the time. The family allegedly purchased billboards, and rumors were rampant at the school and base. They spoke frequently of the boy in the dishwasher.

However, there remains shockingly little information on the Internet. How could a case like this have little to no historical record? Bizarrely, the most comprehensive record of the case lives in the comment section of a blog about abuse. While the article itself makes no mention of Morris, the comment section overflowed with personal recollections, many eerily similar in tone and detail. Users recounted their connections to Morris and the chilling circumstances of his demise, a web of mystery and sorry.

A Reddit thread was created about the case and the blog. Many were puzzled why this unrelated article would become the place where so many shared memories of Christopher Morris. However, the thread quickly became darkly conspiratorial. Redditors identified that many of the posts were similar in language and credentials. They speculated that the case had been fabricated, and many asked the poignant question: did Christopher Morris ever really exist?

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